Food is never a problem for those who love to cook.

Families which cook and eat together are the happiest.

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This site is dedicated to my dearest mother who loves not only cooking but also experimenting with food. She is a very senior Indian Administrative Service officer. Despite being a working mother, she is an ardent believer in the fact that kitchen is a happy place for families. Families which cook and eat together are the happiest. She is the sole reason behind the good health and well being of our entire family. I still remember as a two-year old child, as I would observe my mother cooking food in the kitchen, I would sit on the floor and in a toy wok put all the peel of vegetables and stir them imitating my mother.  Unlike most fathers who would leave their wives to cook food while sitting and watching television, I have seen my father helping my mother in washing and cutting vegetables.  This often resulted in meals being cooked from scratch within 30 minutes. Therefore, from my very early childhood, I realized that cooking is about being together. Cooking time is to be celebrated, as family time, with lots of cutting, washing, steaming and frying going on side by side with planning, co-ordination, and sequencing of operations.
Please note that the recipes posted on this site belong to my mother. She is the original author of all the recipes and NOT ME. I have simply posted these recipes on the website for others to understand and follow our philosophy of cooking, if they so wish.
In the olden days, meals used to be prepared from scratch at homes. However, in the post modern world, cooking from scratch has become increasingly difficult presumably because both spouses would be working professionals and would reach home, late at night, extremely tired. Eating out has become an easier option but definitely at the cost of freshness and good nutrition. Most importantly, despite paying so much more for fast food, people do miss their home food.
This website is, therefore, intended to help individuals or couples to prepare food from scratch with minimum fuss and equipment just like my mother and father do even now.
If you want to ask any questions or get in touch with me, feel free to email me.
You can even find me on Google+
Sincerely yours,
Prasenjeet  Kumar 
B.A.(Hons) Philosophy (St Stephens College Delhi)
LLB (Hons) University College London (UCL)
Legal Practice Course (College of Law London) 

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Fatima says:

    Great web!! and I completely agree with your mother Prasenjeet! Kitchent, enjoying meals together keep families together and happier. Thanks for doing this job!

  2. Pooja says:


    Could you please get me in touch with the content manager of this website?


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