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Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard


Condensed milk-400 grams
Milk-3 and half cups
Vanilla essence–2 drops
Sugar–1/2 cup


Separate the egg yolk and white. Whisk the white till stiff, then add the egg yolk, and beat the mixture really well. Mix the milk and the condensed milk well in another vessel. Add the beaten egg to the milk and mix well. Add the vanilla essence.
In a vessel or patila (which has the capacity to contain the above mixture and which can fit inside a pressure cooker), put the sugar and add 2 tablespoon water. Turn the heat on, and let the sugar melt. Switch off the heat the moment the sugar acquires a golden brown colour and immediately add the egg-sugar mixture. Without stirring, cover the vessel well with one piece of aluminium foil.
Fill the pressure cooker with 3/4th water. In this, immerse the vessel aluminium foil side up to ensure that no water gets into the mixture. Close the pressure cooker’s lid without weight and turn the heat source on. When the steam starts escaping, reduce the heat to SIM and let it cook for 45 minutes.
Thereafter remove the vessel from the cooker and let it cool down to room temperature. Let it then further cool in a fridge for at least 2 hours. When ready to serve, gently turn the vessel on a plate. Shake slightly and lift the vessel up in one clean movement. In case, you find the custard not coming out, take a knife and move it on the rim to free the custard from the vessel. Your beautiful caramel custard is now ready.
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