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Sweet Vermicelli Milk Pudding

Sweet Vermicelli milk pudding

Sweet Vermicelli pudding

Sweet Vermicelli Milk Pudding or Sevai Kheer as it is called in Hindi is a very popular dessert. It is prepared during festivals in India. Muslims in India make Sevaiyyan during Eid but that is usually dry. This dish is prepared in Milk.




Full cream milk-1 litre
Vermicelli (roasted)-1 heaped tablespoon
Desi Ghee (clarified butter)-1 teaspoon
Sugar to taste -(start with 3 tablespoons )
Milk Powder-2 tablespoons
Green Cardomom-2 crushed
Raisins-25 grams (optional)




1. In a heavy bottomed wok, bring the milk to boil.
2. Keep stirring the milk on low heat making sure that it DOES NOT BURN.
3. As it begins to thicken, add the milk powder, sugar, and the cardamom .
4. Stir well and keep stirring for about 5 minutes and remove from fire.
5. In a pan, heat the Desi Ghee and add the vermicelli. Gently toss the vermicelli for about a minute. (N.B. Desi Ghee is just for flavor. So you can avoid it if you are cutting down on calories.)
6. Add the vermicelli to the wok containing the thickened milk. You may add raisins if you so desire.
7. Boil for a minute. Switch off the heat .
8. Let the dish set for about 10 minutes.
9. You can either have it hot as some like it or let it cool down and then put it in the fridge and have it when it is cold.
10. Your delicious SEVAI KHEER (Sweet Vermicelli Milk Pudding) is ready.
Prep time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 25 mins
Total time: 30 mins
Author: Prasenjeet


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