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Families which cook and eat together are the happiest.

Dangers Of Protein Shakes And A High Protein Diet: My Take

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Image Courtesy of imagerymajestic/ Young gym going active men are often “advised” to incorporate protein shakes, steroids and other artificial supplements in their diet to either help bulk up or to attain a lean muscle mass. But are there any dangers of taking these supplements? Yes, there are. One might say that protein shakes are […]

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“The Men Who Made Us Fat” Episode-III

In Part-III of “The Men Who Made Us Fat” documentary shown on BBC, Jacques Peretti examines assumptions about what is and is not healthy. He also looks at how product marketing can seduce consumers into buying supposed ‘healthy foods’ such as muesli and juices, both of which can be high in sugar, and “organic food’ […]

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“The Men Who Made Us Fat” Episode-II

Since this second part of  “The Men Who Made Us Fat” hasn’t been shown on BBC in India, I had to go to YouTube to watch this. In this part, Jacques Peretti investigates how the concept of ‘supersizing’ changed our eating habits forever. How did we – once a nation of moderate eaters – start to […]

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“The Men Who Made Us Fat” Episodes: Must Watch

I saw the BBC’s “The Men Who Made Us Fat” Part-I on my TV yesterday.  Originally published on August 28, 2012 (I don’t know how I missed that earlier), Journalist Jacques Peretti in this 3-part series tries to trace those responsible for” revolutionising our eating habits”, to find out how decisions made in America 40 […]

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