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Families which cook and eat together are the happiest.

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101 Ways to Cook Veggies the Indian Way

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101 Tastiest Ways to Cook Veggies as Snacks, Soups, Curries, Full Meals and hold your breath, Desserts! As only Indians can. So forget your boring boiled and broiled and baked ways to make veggie dishes and let this new book open your eyes to the wonderful possibilities of cooking vegetables the way northern, southern, eastern […]

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A Home-made Kebab for vegetarians


Have you ever seen those mouth-watering Shami Kebabs and wondered if they could have been prepared using vegetarian ingredients than mince chicken or mutton? Don’t worry I may have a solution. Do you know that you can use lentils to prepare a similar looking Kebab? Not only do these kebabs look similar but they can […]

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